Born Ordinary, Called to be Extraordinary

You Will Lead Out the People Who Are Blind and Deaf

Before a person has a life that is called in Jesus Christ, he continues to waste his time, focusing on things that have no eternal value to his life. Even in tasks (e.g. take care of family, work, eat, drink, sleep) that should be completed daily in his living, he also cannot carry out in God’s grace. God calls us believers and instructs us to do many things in our living on earth, but it is all for one purpose, that is to [exalt Jesus Christ, gather God’s people, build the eternal kingdom]. Once believers lose this direction, they instantly cannot hear God’s voice and thus become powerless. In other words: In everything that believers do on earth, if they cannot connect with this one purpose and enjoy the guidance of God, that is also faith living which is a waste of effort and time. When Christ’s gospel enters our lives, our entire person becomes dignified. Every condition in us, the time we spent and the steps we have taken, all have the dignified meaning of being able to be used by the gospel. When man cannot believe, understand or confirm this truth, he will waste his time and emotions on unimportant things, and is unable to walk with God. Dignified people of God should have dignified goal and mission! Hence, in the Year of Out-Flowing Living Spring, we have to see greater things (God’s work) fulfilling in our lives and fields. Then, also practically use the gifts, talents, time and power that we already have to send out the gospel.


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