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Why Should We Love Enemies? How To Love Enemies?

Lord Jesus instructed us not to repay evil for evil, like what the worldly people do; instead, we ought to love our enemies. In actual fact, He also died on the cross for us who oppose Him. Why did the sovereign and righteous God sacrifice this way for the evil people? Actually, what is ‘evil’? The truth is, due to sin, the entire world has fallen into a state that is framed by evil. None of us, who are born in sin, is without evil doings. This also implies “there is no one who is not accused in his conscience”. Accused people do not know love. He might love his own family and friends, but that love is filled with selfishness and is susceptible to change. Hence, when it progresses in sin, human’s love brings confusion, hardship, disappointment, accusations, selfish motive etc. Sometimes, we neglect that which is loved by God, while we seek to love those that we want to love. At times, our love turns into hatred when there is no reciprocity. Actually, since the fall of men, hatred and killing started to appear in the next generation (Abel and Cain). Hence, it can be deduced that hatred and enmity fill the world today. In fact, between men, tribes, and nations, all relationships are built on interest; each bearing evil intent towards one another. Can we escape from being victimized? Can we avoid encountering unjust matters as we live in this world? Actually, God knew about the universal evil state which we are in, therefore, He teaches His people about “loving the enemy”. Eventually, through the cross, He led this common love (the disposition to love in fallen men) into the unconditional love (Agape) that comes from the One and Only God, and “loving the enemy” (love those who oppose us, or those who do evil) is the manifestation of this love, so that through love, He can redeem them from evil. Perhaps, according to the measure of love in us, or before we encounter the threat that is truly unjust, loving the enemy is an unthinkable dilemma. It is a dilemma not because of our unwillingness; rather, it comes from the measure of our love. However, if God reveals to us this truth about loving the enemy, surely, the unceasing power of the Holy Spirit will come upon those who accept this truth. Sometimes, when we see the softening of a stubborn person, or when a sinner repents, the heart that embraces and accepts him just emerge in us. But rarely do we ponder and understand how can one receive the Lord’s heart in loving these people? Actually, this shows the depth of our knowledge of the Cross. No one can boast about his ability to love the weak or ugly people, because to everyone, weakness or ugliness is relative. If we have barriers with a person, or if we have been hurt by him, it is even more challenging to love that person than others. However, Lord knows our difficulties, and He will add unto us the power to love. If we battle for the truth, and win this battle, we will greatly shame the evil. Also, we need to know that every person who has won the battle of loving the enemy will be rewarded. Our Lord Jesus sacrificed for the enemy, demonstrating the heavenly love, and this love has now spread to the ends of the world. Hence, the heart and action of embracing our enemy will not be in vain; instead, they will greatly demonstrate the redemptive love of God.


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