Born Ordinary, Called to be Extraordinary

Unable to Depart From the Vision to be Fulfilled

Not one stroke of God’s word will change, it continues to be fulfilled today. If whatever we believe and are concerned with are matched with God’s word, we will instantly see that our lives are most dignified, God’s most important plan is on all our conditions, we can also see God’s answer and grace in all things. However, because many believers do not really believe God’s word, they do not appreciate the bliss they are in, but always despise God’s presence and the abundant grace that He revealed to us, often living with a habitual spirit that does not anticipate in the Lord. As days pass, faith living becomes religious living, man’s spirit gradually grows cold and loses the love for God and man. During the times of Isaiah, Israelites were just like that, thus God told Israelites to ask for a sign of Immanuel, whether in the deepest depths or in the highest heights . Those who found this sign will receive the 7 spirits God promised , and can see God and all His abundance in all things. However, because Israelites did not believe, they did not seek for this sign. This is the case today for many believers in the church. Majority of believers in the church do not delight and be satisfied in receiving and fulfilling God’s desire. On the contrary, because many believers are more concerned with the world and everything in the world, they do not seek the ever-present God and do not call upon His name. Although many believers of this age keep attending worship and listening to God’s word, their hearts do not have lifetime goal, their lives have no spiritual blueprint, and they lead a wanton life all day long. In the beginning of this year, God reveals His desire to us, so that we can first draw blueprint, then live the entire year ahead. Otherwise, we cannot but to spend this year going through the motions, wasting much precious time and emotions on unnecessary things.


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