Born Ordinary, Called to be Extraordinary

True Godliness, Profound Wisdom – Examining God’s Perfect Will.

Aside from receiving God’s redemption, a man’s most genuine godliness towards God, and the most profound wisdom, is to listen and submit to the revealed will from God’s throne in all things. Actually, godliness and wisdom in the most basic matters. When we observe the most basic matters that we are doing (eat, drink, working, speaking, living with family etc), we will then know if our spiritual life is mostly genuine or pretentious. The impression many Christians brings to others regarding Christianity seems to be a type of “saying”, after saying much, they are unable to give people real experience. Why? They lack the practical actions following it. For example: when we tell others, “God loves you, God will save you, God has such perfect will in the things you encountered”, we should not only wait for their responses. Instead, we should practically help them to see the love and virtue that God is showing him through you. Our mind, mouths, hands and feet, time and effort have to bring forth the practical actions of God saving and helping that person. Lord Jesus went to various towns and villages to be in touch with sinners, to teach, and to heal. Paul had been to Small Asia, Greece, Rome, entering halls and various houses to teach. The 7 deacons of early churches relied on the wisdom of Holy Spirit in managing food, and preached simultaneously. When Peter led 3000 people to repentance and believed in the Lord through his preaching, they did not merely remain in a sense of regrets; instead, they practically gathered, broke bread, and ate in synagogues and houses. Actually, putting into actions (living out what we believe) is the ultimate goal of faith. After thinking and saying, it is most fundamental how it is done in the end. Some people proclaim that they have Lord in their hearts, but they do not get baptized; some others got baptized but they stopped coming to church. After listening to many truths, some people can describe where their problems lie, but they never go into improving themselves, or walk out from the problems they are struggling with. Some others who serve always see that there are too many or difficult things to do, due to their inner barriers, their hearts remain helpless and grievous, and the ministry is unable to start eventually. Actually, they all have a problem of not examining, and they do not know how to examine God’s good, pleasing and perfect will. In fact, each of us only has 24 hours, and there are limitations to our physical and mental strength. This is a truth, but this truth is able to bring us to 2 directions. First, finding excuse for self, comfort self that we cannot do much since we have limitation. Actually, this is the most natural thinking of man. If this becomes our attitude as of right, our limitations will be our prison, and there are some power, joy, and breakthrough that we will never enjoy in our lives. Our living and relationships will gradually become typical, worldly, colorless, controlled by environment and people. However, our limitation can also open our hearts towards God’s revelation, knowing that the only way is to completely depend on the omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent God, only to live by examining His perfect will. If a person truly believes the heavenly power promised in Christ, he will use his lifetime to learn “what is examining God’s perfect will?” Having understood God’s perfect will, he will be at rest; from his submission, he will also enjoy the authority of driving out demons, healing sickness, and saving people. Today, we can receive all knowledge and gifts, but if we do not know how Lord is living through me today and at this moment, our faith is still an idea to us, and the people around us will not be edified from the talents we have. Are you tired? Are you busy? Are you worried about your family? Are you stressed by serving? The answer is “only if I receive the perfect will of God, it will be fine as I live by submitting to it!” The person who receives such a spirit is a blessed one!


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