Born Ordinary, Called to be Extraordinary

Trials, Faith, Conquer (Part 2)

Lord Jesus said: 「“‘If you can? “Everything is possible for one who believes.”」《Mk 9:23》. To put it simply, faith is given by Holy Spirit and we should rightfully receive. Therefore, when I receive Holy Spirit, God will surely fulfill. However, this is not faith out of man’s positivity or determination, because if faith initiates from these emotions, they become human-driven. Faith is from Holy Spirit working through the word of God in man’s heart, enabling his mind and thoughts be aligned with God’s. Firstly, the foundation of faith lies in the [content] of our faith, and then a [heart of seeking and relying on the Holy Spirit]. The content of faith comes from having the accurate knowledge of God’s words which are objective (toward God, self, all things and God’s perfect will in all things); however, when we are put in circumstances which are so real and subjective (eg: sickness, insufficiencies, various challenges in life, dealing of things and matters, evangelism etc), we ought to know the Holy Spirit convictions arise from the gospel we know, rely and submit to that conviction. This is the manifestation of complete faith. The content of faith may be acquired through rationality, but the conviction of the spirit comes from Holy Spirit’s annoiting. How then can Holy Spirit annoint us? Practically speaking, it is to place us in trials of many kinds, so that we can be refined and sanctified through these trials, such that our faith can be made mature and complete, not lacking anything. As a result, come whay may, we can also think, decide, respond, submit according to the word of God. Therefore, to people who are greatly called and chosen (especially God’s people who have established covenant with God), trials are necessary, for the spirit of man, intrinsically, will never initiate and seek the spiritual blessings. Man can be easily satisfied by the wellbeing and smooth-sailing conditions of the flesh. But to people who are chosen and greatly loved, there is an esteemed purpose in their earthly living and that is to fulfill the great commission of glorifying God, benefiting men and building God’s kingdom. If not hastened by trials, he will never call upon God earnestly and seek the great love in Him which is so wide, long, high and deep. Indeed, trials come in different magnitude and kinds, but the key is how do we face the trials. How we confirm and rely on the truth (God’s words) during trials will determine what level of faith we attain afterwards. Some people are defeated by trials, becoming more disheartened, discouraged and live in doubts. But there are people who firmly believe that trials are moments where they should devote themselves to prayer and receive the true faith through the trials. Eventually, the bible also clearly made known an absolute truth – when one who believes without doubt asks, God, who gives generously to all without finding fault will give to him. Therefore, do not let any pessimistic conditions or less ideal things block us from experiencing the supremacy of God. There is complete answer in the gospel, and it gives us the secret of receiving answers in all things. When we believe, all things are possible.


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