Born Ordinary, Called to be Extraordinary

To See Greater Things in the Year of Outflowing Living Spring

No one has ever seen God, only the Spirit within God knows and sees through Him. The Bible clearly says: Holy Spirit comes from Jesus Christ. Therefore, whoever knows and believes in Jesus Christ already received the Spirit of God. In other words, within such a person’s spirit is hidden all answers in heaven, on earth and throughout eternity. Therefore, if a believer knows the mystery of Christ more, the answers he receives through his spirit will be clearer. Thus, if a believer truly grasps the mystery of how to [face his own spirit], God’s great power and might will work through his spirit. When he lives on earth, not one difficulty can overcome him. However, because many believers do not understand the mystery of the spirit (Holy Spirit), they only rely on the flesh to experience God. Although their mouths often pray in the name of Christ, it remains in man’s boundary but is unable to enter deep into the spirit to face God and experience His great love, promises, authority, power, wisdom, etc. Thus, although they already believed in the Lord for a long time, their own problems always cannot leave, and they cannot continue to see greater things in their faith. In short, if believers are ignorant about things of the spirit, they are ignorant about God’s truth. Although they are always learning the Bible, they are never able to acknowledge. In Year 2010, we have to continue to understand the mystery of the spirit and purge all foolishness from our spirits, so that we can always experience the invisible but true and living God.


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