Born Ordinary, Called to be Extraordinary

Therefore, There is Now no Condemnation for Those Who are in Christ Jesus

< Ro 8> represents the peak of gospel described by the entire book of Romans, and it is also the pinnacle that God desires all His children to attain in life. However, we cannot use our logic to understand the Word literally, or use our emotions to feel the love of Lord as we strive for our spirit to reach this pinnacle and enjoy the abundant, active life given by the Spirit. The “heavenly love” described here (not condemned < 8:1>; neither..nor… will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord <8:39>) has been given to all believers in Christ. However, man needs to completely know and experience the bondage of sin, to the extent of solely relying on grace, before they can enjoy the shining of the love of the Holy Spirit. But the greatest spiritual problem of man is “not dead”, even after believing in the Lord (die and bury with the Lord), the heart of “not dead” remains. This is the tendency of our flesh that causes us to live by relying on our intelligence, merits and will subconsciously. Hence, the law completely crushed the merit and will of man, in contrary, the Holy Spirit reveal the power of God that though born with sinful nature, they can actually fulfill the righteousness of the law. Try asking: How should we know this glorious Holy Spirit (the 3rd personality of the Holy Trinity)? Do we know it through knowledge and feelings? According to <Ro 8>, Holy Spirit is the spirit dwelling in God’s children. <Ro 8:16> said, “The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are God’s children.” The original disposition of this relationship is all foundation required to know the Holy Spirit. We absolutely cannot know the work done by Holy Spirit apart from this heart of child. Hence, one who truly knows the Holy Spirit and the liberation, indwelling, sanctification, guidance, filling, testimonies brought by the Holy Spirit, have to develop all these from the assurance of child of God. Apart from this assurance, all miracles, smooth-sailing things, health and wealth that we experience are meaningless, they are just transient blessings; they are just the temporary benefits received by one who is fatherless. Certainly, some believers may harbour such thoughts, “without the physical blessings and earthly wellness, how can we then see the love of Father God?” However, what is mentioned in <Ro 8> is this, “Precisely it’s because of this heart of child, that’s why you can see the greater love of God in various sufferings”. This counter-intuitive human nature is what children of God who are born again ought to understand and pursue. Can we run away from sufferings and enjoy smooth-sailing process in all things on earth? Actually, this is impossible in a world with ruler of the power of the air and sin. Therefore, God has given us the greatest gift, ie the Holy Spirit (received through the life of Christ), He is moving in our hearts, we who are with flesh, so that we can: ① Be assured that we’re no longer condemned8:1》;② Can fulfill the righteousness of the law8:4》;Give life to the mortal bodies (the future resurrection and able to see God’s presence)8:11》;All the more see God’s glory in sufferings (the glory of the Cross)⑤ Anticipate and wait upon the day of redemption when the whole creation has been groaning 8:22》;The help and intercession of the Holy Spirit in weakness8:26》;⑦ God will work for the good of all who love God and submit to God in all things8:28;⑧ In all these things (even the greatest suffering on earth) we are more than conquerors 8:37. Do all these promises seem distant to our current situations and emotions? Why so? Has God given us empty talks? Actually, the key is, we have not been confirming and seeking the meticulous love of God under the unshakeable foundation of the identity of children of God, therefore, we feel that God’s love is very abstract. In fact, if the tendency given to us through the gospel that we believe in comes from the disposition of child of God, and in all things, this disposition is gradually strengthened through prayers in the spirit, we will be so utterly blessed!


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