Born Ordinary, Called to be Extraordinary

The Year of Crossing Individual Boundaries 4: The Urgency of a Preacher and an Evangelist.

Translator: Charlene

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In Rome, Paul preached the gospel to many when he was under house arrest, and wrote many prison epistles which pass on and become today’s revelation. In chains, he demonstrated the testimonies that were most peaceful, joyous and full of authority. Believers today rarely have this heavenly joy and true victory. The main reason is because they lose the focus of evangelizing and preaching the gospel. Perhaps some may say, “To evangelize is an action, our joy is in Lord Jesus who saved us”. Theoretically right, but lets ponder, is “being saved” an idea only, or a sensation? A saved life has Lord’s mission and His instructing voice in it. The power of Holy Spirit and the His love are upon us when we submit to this voice. Hence, we absolutely cannot deceive ourselves saying “my joy is in the Lord, yet I do not evangelize”. After we’ve heard many truths, and with it comes increasing burdens and sorrow, we ought to introspect ourselves if we have gradually turn into a believer who “does not share the gospel, or one who cannot share the gospel”? Has our busyness hindered us from sharing the gospel? Has the knowledge we acquired caused us to be so doctrine-centered that we overlook the need of man’s soul? Or have we become more task-oriented than life-oriented in our serving? All these require our close self-examination. Evangelism, or in another word, sharing with others the good news of God is with us, is the simplest yet powerful action. One who evangelizes stands in the center of God’s glory immediately; his thoughts, mindset, and actions complement God’s concerns right away. In fact, we do not need to have superb knowledge or special platform before we can share the gospel, instead, we live out and spread Christ in all seasons; following it, we will see that Holy Spirit is accomplishing His work even more earnestly. Before we come into contact with lives, we will always focus on our own failures and powerlessness; and what governs our hearts and minds will be the right and wrong of worldly and people’s affair. Actually, a genuine evangelist do not make himself useful through these, instead, he genuinely loves lives and enjoys the glorious joy of saving and liberating people through spreading the gospel. If this is indeed truth, we need to ask ourselves, do we have a sense of urgency in these matters? Today, the mindset of many believers is to evangelize only if opportunities come rather than finding out the reason to evangelize at the places where God leads us. In fact, Holy Spirit is already with us, and He is prepared to anoint us readily. Only when we discover the gospel’s purpose at where we are, and submit to it, that the power will come upon us naturally. Besides, we need to ask ourselves – do we select the people to whom we want to evangelize to? Do we select the crowd with the same background as us? Or because of evangelism, we receive the pressing spirit from Holy Spirit to understand and get in touch with people? Has our anointing reached a level whereby even if we fail in getting in touch with people or fail in evangelizing, we will not be bound by the sense of failure? Today in concluding the theme message of [Crossing Individual Boundaries], we need to confirm how much do we enjoy the power, and the love we have; to the extent of asking Lord boldly. and practically enter a more perfect submission.




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