Born Ordinary, Called to be Extraordinary

1 Kings Overview: The Worst of Jeroboam: Taking God’s Word as a Material with No Confirmation

It is not so important if our numbers are not big or the atmosphere is not great in our Friday meetings. What is more important are the prayers that we bring here. This number can in fact change the whole world. The prayer that we bring here is very important. Before the meeting, the workload should be less, there should be enough rest, and definitely there should be no overtime. Do not say, “I am tired” because the darkness will overwhelm us immediately. Some of us cannot make it today because of illness. However, though Satan will want to attack and disrupt the meeting, we can counter attack him by just praying for those who cannot come to this discipleship training and continue with the meeting! Some of us sleep in meetings. It is okay and we just need to get healed in this area. During the meeting, we just join together the message with our lives. During the meeting, we acquire the life so that we can preserve and revive our hearts and minds, but what happens if we just let our life go after the meeting? No! More than the convictions that are obtained during meetings, we must hold on to it even more after the meetings! For our church, for our family, this is the most important time during the whole week! One day, the Holy Spirit is going to fill us and this will come true. Therefore, if we are truly confirmed to be the main characters of this age in Singapore, even a slight lax or weakness in prayers before, during, and/or after prayers is going to affect Singapore and the timetable of our family. Nevertheless, we just hold on to God and move on.


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