Born Ordinary, Called to be Extraordinary

The Spirit Himself Testifies with Our Spirit that We are God’s Children.

We are shaped by relationships, and we need relationship the most. When a man hears the affirmation and voices from this relationship in all moments, only then can he be blissful and happy. Even in the greatest suffering, only this relationship can protect and strengthen us. Actually, we all have relationships, and we experience the strength these relationships give us. For example: The love and concerns given unto us through our parents’ love, the love given to us through spousal relationship, the respectable love given to us through our relationship with children. We all know that these relationships are what money and materials cannot buy. But try asking, what is the relationship most needed by man? That is the relationship with our Creator (the source of life). What kind of relationship is this? The bible tells us that this is a Father-son relationship, and by him we cry “Abba, Father”. This is a mutual relationship formed through Christ, not just an one-sided love of God towards us. If we have no assurance in His love, or if we do not love Him, we cannot be blissful. In fact, since the fall of man, he is under the bondage and suppression of sin, causing him to have many needs (health, wealth, love, reputations etc), but this relationship with God is what he needs only, and he needs this the most. Only this relationship can completely satisfy and protect his spirit, enables him to have peace in this world that is full of sin and evil, to the extent of having hope daily despite living in the sinful body that is attacked by temptations. Besides, we need to know that this relationship does not only bring forth a “liberative” effect, it brings the effect of “cleansing” simultaneously. This relationship is so intimate that it does not allow the factor that will pollute it – sin. Hence, when we enter into this relationship, we enjoy the sweetness and protection in this relationship, this relationship will also help us to put to death the misdeeds of our body. This relationship helps us to constantly seek how Holy Spirit is interceding for us so that we can do the will of God. Furthermore, this relationship has the power to “strengthen”, for it brings the same destiny and wish of two persons (Christ and us). Hence, how Christ suffered for His people, we who are loved by God will also be gradually strengthened and willingly suffer with Lord, in order that we may join Him in His glory. But in this, we need to ask a fundamental question. As we know the nature of this relationship, does this relationship give out such voice to us? Is this relationship always giving us affirming voices, enabling us to be released from fear, heal us from weaknesses, and enables us to love God more and more as day goes by, to the extent of carrying our own Cross willingly and follow the Lord? Does this relationship give us the standard and power in our living and dealing of matters? If not, this relationship is mere knowledge to us; we rarely communicate with God under the foundation of this relationship, and we fall short of living in this identity of child of God in our practical living. Our prayers are majorly asking for blessings and we’re afraid that God may not grant them. After asking, we cannot confirm how God is answering our prayers; sometimes our prayers become a form of ritual as we still rely on our hard work in our living. Such is a state of one who merely knows he is child of God as theory, for he still keep a heart of slavery. Therefore, God gives us the Holy Spirit, whose most basic work is to testify with our spirit that we are God’s children. This testifying work is grounded on the Cross of Christ, but it is also the seal we will receive as we repeatedly call upon Lord with the heart of child everyday, and as we live in this identity of child of God.


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