Born Ordinary, Called to be Extraordinary

The Sense of Time Brought by End Age Perspective.

When saints have the right perspective of time, they will have the right sense of time. Basically, there are two different kinds of believers in the church, and their senses towards the end times are different. A kind of believers becomes more numb as they hear more sermons, especially those about “the impending second coming of the Lord”. They not only do not anticipate it, but also feel distant from it.  However, another kind of believers feels the urgency more as they are longer in Christ. They feel that time flies by more quickly and the time they have left is diminishing. Thus, they cherish every moment on earth to live for the Lord. When this kind of believers listens to sermons about “the impending second coming of the Lord’, they feel an anticipation in their hearts, and feel that the Lord is just outside the door. Actually, what the latter felt is aligned with the truth. In this last 2000-year era, although the saints are waiting for the Lord, the Lord has not come yet. But those who have this truth are brought into a pressing schedule. They have a heart to lead godly lives, completely live out the meaning of the present life, to accomplish their mission to face the Lord. As their ‘sense of time’ is aligned with the truth, so even though they live in a fallen world, they receive very precise conviction and guidance by the Holy Spirit. Darkness and sin of the world compel them to be more cautious. Today, some believers will grumble, “this end times is too dark, with too many temptations, and too many things that will make people fall!” However, there is another kind of believers who would discover that the darker the era, the easier it is to run the race marked out for us. The day that is coming (Coming of the Lord) is helping them to know that there is nothing worth remembering in the world. The gratification of the flesh is only temporal, and it passes as quickly as it comes. Therefore, they put their focus on things of eternal value (saving, healing and blessing others). Ask yourself, why is it that believers cannot pursue holiness and lead godly lives? Why believers only know but cannot carry out? Why do believers only see the challenge of the end times, but they do not see the blessings of the end times? That is because there is no correct perspective of time to bring about a blessed sense of time. The last kilometer of the marathon race is the easiest, because runners just have to summon all their remaining energy to charge ahead. There is no need to conserve energy.  In labor, the last moment when a baby is about to be out can be endured no matter the pain because the mother knows that is the last push, and there is not much consciousness of pain. Therefore, problem of believers today is to put the messages about end times into their head, but they did not confirm that the end is indeed coming, and they did not confirm that God is giving them a sense of urgency as they grow in age. So how can we have the most vivid conviction of the last days and end times, and how can we preserve that conviction? That is to practically live out the mission of the last days. Therefore, a saint who wishes to be totally alert in the end times has to constantly challenge himself to preach the word in season and out of season, and be directed by the spreading of the gospel in his family living, raising of children, management of money and time. Because the gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come. Indeed, it is most real when we live it out.


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