Born Ordinary, Called to be Extraordinary

The Doctrine and Application of Justification by Faith

In learning the book of Romans, aside from retaining the purity of theology so that our faith will not deviate from the right path, we also need to pay much attention to the turning points in the argument and analysis. In particular, when we move from the wrath of God to grace; from God’s judgment to being justified through faith; from relying on the law to only by faith; we ought to ask ourselves, “ do our spirits receive the great liberation from this grace; do we receive great assurance from being justified, and can we enjoy the utter transformation brought by this faith?” We should not understand redemption rationally, instead, our spirits need to confirm and experience the supernatural power that is constantly at work within us. If not, our faith will quickly turn into a rigid theological dominion. mentions [For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes]. Can this redemptive grace be known only rationally? Does it need to be experienced in the spirit too? Actually, the barrier between the holiness of God and the sins of men can never be understood through men’s feelings, senses or imagination. Through the first 3 chapters of book of Romans, God ceaselessly exposes the guilt hidden in the depths of men’s spirits, the intrinsic sinful state of men and reveals the total depravation of men. We who have received God’s revelation should actually be led to the reality of there isn’t any ray of light, no even a little hope nor a trace of life. But at this very moment, God revealed His righteousness in His grace! Can anyone comprehend the smash and hope this turning point brought us? Does this revelation only enable us to know something that is only interesting and we are grateful of, or is this the very information that completely changes our lifetime direction and methods? Today, believers rarely relate the problems they face in their spirits, living, interpersonal relationship, finance and serving with sins and flesh. At times when we are weak and powerless, we only dwell in self-pity; at times when we have setbacks in our living or in our dealing with things, we blame it on people or situations. Actually, all these are because the direction and method of our spirits have not truly repented, we have not denied selves and followed God. Often, our knowing and application of gospel do not lead us to helplessness because of the presence of our sins and flesh, thus we remain partial in feeling and experiencing the power of Christ’s grace. Actually, in knowing the gospel, many believers have not reached the mindset, feelings and will to constantly put to death “the self-centeredness” in them. Generally, the inclination of believers’ spirit is focused on solving the emotions or current problems, instead of living by relying deeply on Christ’s redemption, because of the presence of sins and flesh. We ought to know: if sin causes the total depravation of men and separation from God, so much so that our souls can no longer be in touch with God’s glory, then the very fact that we’re saved from our sins will bring the restoring power to men, so that they be made to yield to God completely. However, this power has to come from our knowledge of the gospel. Today, we need to receive this answer through the righteousness of God revealed through the Cross of Christ.


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