Born Ordinary, Called to be Extraordinary

Sin Reigned in Death, Grace reigns to Bring Eternal Life. (Part 2)

There are immeasurable spiritual factors behind the fall, trespasses of men and the grace of Christ’ redemption, and only the bible reveals such mystery. After man has fallen, one of the main reasons why man cannot come before God is his condemned spirituality, he is no longer able to understand the fact that the beautiful things given through the grace of God far surpass the evil things produced through sins. As one starts to hold onto the fallen belief of needing to repay their own debts of sin and bear the burden of their own trespasses, men are becoming more lost (further from the salvation of God). Firstly, we ought to know that as sin comes upon a person, it is not merely through a man committing a sin directly. Man is born with the original sin. When the bible says, “sin entered the world through one man (Adam)”, this has already told us before we have any acts of sin, we’re already in the state of sin. How can there be sin before obvious acts of sin are even committed?  The bible truly tells us, in Adam, all men have committed the same sin as him (all have sinned, and all share in Adam’s sin). Death (dead spiritually, the flesh will also die) has thus entered all men. If we only deem sin has the actual committing of sin through men’s will and acts, we will not know the spiritual inherent nature behind sin is beyond what our humanity can understand. Therefore, people try to repay their own sins through their will and good deeds commonly accepted by them, which in return reveals their powerlessness. On another hand, God’s gift of redemption in Christ comes to all who believe, when they are completely unable to save and love themselves, and calling them righteous. In it, there’s no element of humanism as it’s solely the sovereign grace of God that is without any form of man’s involvement or merits. The most famous teacher in 20th century, Lloyd-Jones said, “Look at you who’re in Adam, you did nothing yet you’re called a sinner. Look at you who’re in Christ, you do nothing yet you’re called righteous”. Both of them are in parallel, if not, we will be partial in learning the salvational doctrine, weakening the glory we can otherwise see in grace and the joy that we can otherwise experience. Today, albeit standing in the grace of God, many believers cannot enjoy the power of this grace because they have misunderstood or questioned these truths that should be viewed in parallel. Some even think that when one is born, she is freed of sin because of the pure innocent life, she is considered sinner only when she commits the first sin. This renounces the presence of original sin, indirectly teaches man to save themselves through their own strengths. We need to understand: The grace of God is greater than the transgressions of men, the power of Holy Spirit is greater than man’s will. The God who bears the sin on our behalf on the Cross and justifies us can also sanctify us in His grace through the Holy Spirit. But in order to enjoy this power of sanctification, we need to know clearly the superior nature of Christ’ grace. Although our weaknesses are utterly obvious under the exposition of God’s law (truth), the working of God’s grace is above the ugly weaknesses and trespasses we have, so that we see the supreme grace of God in our own trespasses and be brought to repentance in this great grace. The grace that truly outflows from the Cross will not allow us to remain in the condemned state, neither will it give us room to be overtly indulged. Then, are all sinners able to receive this great grace of God? Not so. Because the grace comes from the death of Christ (Cross) and is freely given to all who believe (accept). The basic belief of religion does not have [death], only cultivating self. In religion there’s no [grace], only merit and standard of goodness defined by men. From here, we know that religion cannot bring men’s spirit into acknowledging their own sins, thus seeing the supreme grace and love God genuinely from the heart. Actually, the Christian faith that does not die with Christ and rely on grace is also a form of religion, and it brings man into bondages. This is akin to doing good because of the law, or believe in God’s love only when they can see miracles – such belief will never give men true freedom and joy. In fact, man is condemned not because he has committed a sin, rather, it’s because he cannot accept the grace. Believers cannot overcome sins not because they are not determined enough, rather, it’s because they have not experienced the renewal and power in grace. In God’s grace, the spiritual boundary God can bring His people to is unattainable by men even though they have not fallen.


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