Born Ordinary, Called to be Extraordinary

Serve Lord in the New Way of the Spirit, and Not in the Old Way of the Written Code

To a certain extent, is one of the chapters greatly favored by believers, because it illustrates the reality of our faith living and especially, it answers a lot of dilemmas faced by believers in their pursuit of godly living. Oen, many believers will relate to the pain that Paul felt in , that “for I desire to do what is good, but I cannot carry it out… what a wretched man I am!” We can connect to this word from Paul greatly, and thus we want to make this statement the enre theme of . Although this is a very important point and truth, holiscally, we need to know what intends to bring out concerning the posion of law, and how it is related to Christ’s gospel. Today, there are 3 perspecves towards the law in churches, and thus comes its posions. First, the perspecve of a legalist, the posion they give to law has resulted in them being bound by the law. Whether consciously or subconsciously, they think that their relaonship with God is about obeying the law. Therefore, their ideology of faith is centered on salvaon through the law, and sancficaon through the law. Such people need to realize their ignorance, pride and pifulness through . Eventually, they will discover that not only are they unable to save themselves through the law, they even run into the sin of hypocrisy. Second, one who walks to the other extreme, the non‐legalist. Their mainstream thinking is that, the main reason why it is difficult to lead a godly living is because of the law. As a result, their teaching leads to people abandoning the law, causing them to proclaim that in grace, we do not need to be accountable to the law. They think that freedom is the secret to leading a godly living, apart from it, they do not teach people how to walk the path of sancficaon (carry the cross daily and follow the Lord). Through the content of , such people ought to know that man sin not because of the law but the sinfulness. No doubt, the law itself cannot deal with the sin, but if one does not know the spirit of holiness in the law, they will define their own godly living. Lastly, the perspecve of the freeman who fulfills the law. Such people enjoy the most holisc and complete understanding of the law. Because they have already possessed the complete freedom in Christ, they do not need to be jusfied by law in order to be peaceful and happy. In their spirit, they enjoy true freedom because they have the heart to fulfill the law. Fulfilling the law menoned here is not implying that they can aain Lord Jesus Christ’s standard (not sinning totally), rather, it is about knowing and living out the spirit of law (love God and men) through the Holy Spirit. Actually, they seek to live in the new way of the Spirit instead of the old way of wrien code (in another word: live in the newness of life), this is true freedom. Moreover, they truly know that the power to fulfill the law does not come from themselves but the Holy Spirit. They love the law, not “fearful” when talking about the law; they revere the law yet not bound by it. Try asking: Is the sancficaon of our life, belief, state of mind, character and living like that of a freeman who fulfills the law? May Holy Spirit correct the incorrect knowledge we have in our hearts concerning the law and gospel. In addion, we who are already in the gospel ought to know how to serve Lord according to the new way of the Spirit.


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