Born Ordinary, Called to be Extraordinary

Priciples of Godly Family Living (2): Parents with wisdom impart wisdom do their children (Part 2)

Both man and wife is a family unit created by God. God determined that the outcome of their love in God is to bear blessed descendants. Bearing and fostering descendants are matters that God definitely value because it does not only benefit a family, it benefits the Life Movement of an era, preserving remnants to continue spreading the gospel in every era, to the ends of the world. In fact, the life of a child (spirit, mind, body) is born through the parent, thus the child’s destiny is unable to depart from the parent and the parent will love their own child naturally. But after man fall and depart from God, the parent-child relationship enters into overindulgence and foolish love. Parents should originally impart eternal life, inheritance and blessings to their children, allowing them to be blessed in this life and eternally. However, today, parents are only concerned with the temporary life of their children and hence inculcating their own desires and foolish beliefs to their children. In the bible, God emphasized continuously that a family enjoys great bliss because of obedient children. If a couple has blessed children, this become the pride and joy in their heart. But if children receive incorrect education and becomes ignorant, this brings great pain upon the parent (the source of life of children).Let us return to the teachings of the bible and understand God’s blessings in giving us children, and from Proverbs, comprehend the wisest education method that God determined for parents.


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