Born Ordinary, Called to be Extraordinary

Perseverance – The Key to Reap the Best (Part 1)

Perseverance is not a self-merited virtue but a virtue by the grace of God. The Lord said, “the one who stands firm to the end will be saved”, that is to tell us today, in the long process that we are in, we ought to stand firm, for great is the blessing awaiting us. It is through the perseverance that our love, faith and hope in Christ will be refined and be made complete, having the power to influence and convict the world. Because Christ has bound us to Him through His persevering love, therefore by His grace we will be able to stand firm to the end. In the prolonged journey that we are walking, do not dwell in the misery of the long process but discover God’s love and victory in the current step and the current walk we are undertaking. It seems difficult because it requires us to keep nailing our flesh on the cross, tear down the big-Me inside us and reject the lies from Satan again and again, using the Truth we’ve heard.

In the process, we may enter into multiple paradoxical moments, knowing the truth yet finding it hard to submit. It is at time like this that we have to go into genuine prayer, seeking help and courage from God to submit to Him in all things. God wants to shape us into a God-reliant child. When we live righteously by submitting to God’s will today, Lord will also add grace and courage into our hearts. Don’t think that you are bearing suffering alone. Christ is bearing the pain with you in your trial to accomplish much more than you could otherwise complete.


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