Born Ordinary, Called to be Extraordinary

Perfect Love Drives Out All Fear

1.What Exactly is God’s Love?

1) God Loves those HE Chose to Love (Exclusive and Selective Love) 2) God’s Love never Changes due to circumstances (Absolute Love) 3) But Men don’t understand this Love, and thus couldn’t enjoy it

The Perfect Manifestation of God’s Love is Jesus Christ

  1. Jesus Christ represents:God came to find those HE Loves ⇒ To give us True Life
  2. Jesus Christ represents:A man who could see God’s absolute Love while living in theFlesh ⇒ To give us True Strength
  3. Jesus Christ represents:A man who knows his eternal purpose while living on earth ⇒ To give us True Blessing

There are 3 folds to accepting the Love of God

1) Accepting good things, good circumstances as the Love of God

2) Crave to know Jesus Christ, so as to receive eternally unchanged happiness/contentment

3) Willing to accept challenges and tribulations as the Love of God because of one’s yearn to love God and bless men


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