Born Ordinary, Called to be Extraordinary

In All Things, God Works for the Good of Those Who Love Him.

It’s difficult for man to see God’s love. It isn’t that we do not know God loves us, but it’s the limitation and weakness of our humanity that make us blind to His love. Our limitation causes us to be ignorant of the many things concerning the past and eternity, and the many matters that are related to us in this life. Besides, our weakness cause us to only focus on the current circumstances (the pain sentiment, non-ideal environment, powerlessness etc), thus unable to link them to the grace that God’s given us in the past, now, and future. God knows our limitation and weaknesses, thus in the bible, He gives us the most beautiful promise to those He loves, that is “God works for the good of those who love Him”, and then He gives us Holy Spirit who helps us to receive all of His blessings from this most important promise. Actually, often we are severely deceived by our own feelings (eg: the sense of poverty, defeated, hopelessness, unloved, unable to come out of sins etc), and the scariest is when our feelings are shaped into our mindset and directing our living – that is the moment we are controlled by the incorrect voice. As a result, many people slip into a life of sinning. But thank the Lord for His great love for us; He will not allow those He knows to be engulfed by sin. He will definitely intervene in their lives to save them. To us who have been saved, He has given us the Counselor Holy Spirit to safeguard the grace in us so that we will not lose faith, after that, His sustaining help (interceding through groans) enables us to be filled with His glory increasingly. Today, in receiving the help of Holy Spirit, we ought to know a very fundamental element, ie we who are born as creations, ought to know clearly “the promise of God” and “God’s sovereignty” in all things, and gel these 2 into faith ideology. As human, there’re things we should know and must know, and we meet and come near to God through what we know. Also, there’re things that we can never know, or do not need to know, in this we surrender fully to God and enjoy His blessings through our submission. Actually, there are far too many things we do not know, of which some are gradually understood and felt after some time and related experiences; some matters are understood only when we meet the Lord, but Lord promised us that in all things, God works for the good of us. Try asking: as a man who is limited and weak, why do we care to fight against this promise? Does our suffering last forever? Can our feelings decide everything? We need to be cautious in that we should never let the “self-centered mentality” to occupy us. When we put “me” (feelings, environment, problems, experiences etc) as everything, our spirit will enter into a state of self-exaltation. At that moment, we can neither look upon the promise of God nor see His love, soon our spirit will lose the dignified heart of children of God. In fact, God has called us in His eternal love, and He loves us through all things. Therefore, if a believer can enjoy His love through all things, it is the most obvious path to receive glory (sanctification, becoming like Christ). Hence, <Ro 8:28> does not bring us temporal positivity, instead, it wants to bring us to the current submission.


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