Born Ordinary, Called to be Extraordinary

How to Face the Loneliness Which Often Comes Upon Us?

Are you lonely? Where does the reason for loneliness lie? How will man’s loneliness be expressed? Loneliness is by nature a spiritual problem, because it originated from man’s sins and fall. Subsequently, because man is constantly accused by the devil, he cannot see the Lord who is always with him. The interpersonal relationships, entertainment, enriching life that man acquires outside of the Lord all cannot fill the feeling of loneliness in his spirit. Without the revelation of the gospel which can make man reconcile with God, the liberation which man seeks in his entire life due to fear of loneliness will only cause him to drift further from God, yet he cannot receive true contentment. Because loneliness is by nature a spiritual problem (man departs from God), man must first restore the intimacy with God through Jesus Christ, and subsequently in Him, build the relationships with people and a fulfilling life, then the problem of loneliness will truly be resolved. Although there are many factors that cause loneliness (for example: break down of interpersonal relationships, no one to confide in, fall out of love, unhappy marriage, lack of love and security since young, no companion in old age, etc), the real factor is we do not let Lord Jesus fill the gap of loneliness. In today’s message, all of us have to grasp how to reconcile with the Lord, enter into an intimate relationship, and after that, is not only not afraid of loneliness, but instead can also love being in solitude with God. Such a life then can absolutely overcome the loneliness which often comes upon us.


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