Born Ordinary, Called to be Extraordinary

How to Face Accusations from the Enemy Satan?

All our mental hurdles are developed from a spiritual evil. That evil is [accusation]. The original name of Satan is Accuser. He is ruler of the air and accuses all people. Therefore, there is not one spirit of man who is not accused by him, and the spirits, thinking, mood, words and behaviour of those who are accused will be exposed. says: Satan accuses believers day and night before God. As a result, what believers lose most easily and most often is a spirit that is being loved. When God’s children cannot receive the spirit, thinking, mood of being loved, everything becomes a problem. Therefore, if believers do not know how to deal with accusations, their lives will surely get weaker and they will gradually drift from God, their relationship with others will also be broken, they will eventually lose all blessings, only their souls are scarcely saved. Therefore, facing the most evil accusation, our Lord Jesus Christ used the cruelest punishment to show His deepest and most absolute love. This love surpasses all our sins, weaknesses, powerlessness, failures, undesirable conditions, etc. Only when this love becomes the reflection of our entire spirits, can we be liberated from the devil’s accusations, and lead a life of freedom and power.


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