Born Ordinary, Called to be Extraordinary

How To Conquer Trials of Many Kinds?

Everyone fears trials, but actually trials are not scary. However, when we do not know the reasons for trials, do not know how to face trials, and cannot receive the greater blessings that come after trials, then trials will form a long-lasting pain and fear in our hearts. Actually, when trials come, the entire battle tactics are in our hearts. If our hearts have strength, those trials cannot become our sufferings. But if our hearts are weak, that weak effect will spring forth from our hearts, such that problems multiply. Therefore, the only way by which God wants to help us overcome trials is to build the strength in our hearts (just like what Paul interceded on his knees day and night for saints of Ephesus). Any kind of trial, when faced with a strong spirit, will only manifest the greater works of God, causing the one going through the trial to receive greater blessings. There are a few levels of trials: Challenges, burdens and busyness in life are trials faced by most people; followed by the disappointment and discouragement experienced when man cannot fulfill strong needs or ideals; next, is when trials reach the level of adversities, such that man loses the thing he most loves and treasures, such as marriage, children, health, etc. Nevertheless, God has the complete answer in Jesus Christ. The great principle of the Bible is: When a person obeys the word of God (follows His instructions), he will surely be [prosperous and successful]. This is the uniform promise of God in the entire Bible. However, the spirit of [being prosperous and successful in all things] does not lie in not having trials, but in guarding that person’s heart in trials, such that he eventually overcomes all trials, and triumphs exceedingly. And this mystery of victory lies in his heart. His heart will surely be protected by the Holy Spirit, so that he can bear those trials/adversities. <Just like David> <Just like Jesus Christ>. Therefore, when we truly obey the word of God (follow His instructions), our hearts will surely be guarded in the process of trials. From here, springs of life will flow from our hearts, and greater blessings will come our way.


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