Born Ordinary, Called to be Extraordinary

How To Accomplish Tasks of Great Difficulty?

In our lives, there are always some difficult tasks which we thought are impossible to accomplish. For example, difficult marital issues, difficulties in children education, difficulties in studies, difficulties at work, difficulties in handling people and matters, etc. Because there are already hurdles in our hearts, these difficult tasks are always stuck in our lives, and they often surface in different situations, making us helpless. Whenever we encounter similar difficulties, we will naturally have a close mindset, or we will choose to escape, ‘cannot’ often become our first thought. We have to first understand clearly that to a certain extent, man’s powerlessness has nothing to do with his willpower, especially when man knows that he should do certain things, yet is unable to carry them out. In fact, the man who was most greatly used by God in the entire history of mankind, Paul, also encountered the same struggles. He said, “I have the desire to do what is good, but I cannot carry it out…What a wretched man I am!” But just when he was most miserable, he understood the greatest mystery of the cross, which is there is no longer any condemnation in Jesus Christ! When a person’s spirit truly understands the essence of no condemnation, then he can carry out the most beautiful good works. In other words, man must first receive the complete love and freedom in Jesus Christ, has a heart that is not full of self-reproach, not fearful of failures and not stressed, then he will have power to do the good of God. Therefore, if a person wants to overcome the tasks of great difficulty, he must first make covenant with God, hold tightly onto the never changing love and blessings (promises) of God, then he can rely on the great power of the Holy Spirit to accomplish all things.


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