Born Ordinary, Called to be Extraordinary

How Beautiful are the Feet of Those who Bring Good News!

Let’s not become a person who has much knowledge yet cannot evangelize, neither should we become one who is overtly passionate yet unable to bring “the good news” to others. Gospel, intrinsically, is the grace of life. It is not a message that gives man pressure but good news, the most needful message of all God’s people who are scattered. Hence, we cannot allow gospel to stay as a form of rigid head knowledge; neither should we decide the need to evangelize by gauging how much a person needs the gospel. In contrary, through prayers, interactions and appropriate witnessing, we need to awaken the hunger and thirst in men’s spirit, enable them to discover that they need this gospel very much. Usually, a sincere evangelist may encounter 3 types of dilemmas. First, we cannot see the doors of evangelism, or we cannot find people with hunger and thirst for the gospel. In this, we get disheartened easily, even our hearts may find excuses for ourselves, “you’ve tried your best, but nobody is willing to listen”. From that moment onwards, we do not spend more time exploring the deep and touching life in gospel; we will not think deeper on how to help others realize the problems and emptiness of their lives, and we may remain in a surface understanding of the gospel and thus we can neither receive healing ourselves nor save others. Besides, when we are spreading the gospel, we may fall into a mechanical passion if we are not careful. With this, we may be outcome­centered, thinking that as long as we bring man into conversion prayer, or take part in Christian rituals, it will mean our mission is accomplished. Actually, the most urgent fruit of the gospel and what an evangelist should be most concerned with, is that a person’s life truly meets God through the gospel and experiences the transformation of new birth. In evangelizing and shepherding, we must bring men to meet God so that they can truly experience the transformation and assurance of being born again. This is the effect of gospel brought by beautiful feet. Finally, another dilemma an evangelist could face is that he cannot see his loved ones receiving blessing when many others come to Christ; this is similar to Paul as he spread the gospel to various places, but his very own kin still remained hardened. Actually, in this, we should never become disheartened because God is accomplishing things that we cannot see nor imagine. In fact, there are even more blessed people waiting to hear this gospel. We should never remain lost. Instead, we should spread the gospel and let it reach the unsaved people. George Muller prayed for the salvation of 5 of his friends while he was alive – 3 of them believed in the Lord while he was still alive, one converted during his funeral, and the last one yielded to the Lord some time after he passed on. We humans are living in the limitation of time and space; when we do not know about tomorrow, we should face it with the promise and complete the things entrusted to us by the Lord today. If we scratch our head for the outcomes we do not know today, we will lose the greater and more glorious picture instead. Hence, we need to know that this gospel is utterly precious, and it can only be spread in our current lifetime, and a man can only believe when he is alive. May we become blessed evangelists and leave behind beautiful feet that bring good news.


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