Born Ordinary, Called to be Extraordinary

Hope for More Beautiful Things while Having Peace with God. (Part 2)

Being justified (being blessed with the most honorable position in Christ) and reconcile with God (being made reconciled with God through Christ) are inseparable experiences in faith, and they are a combo. One talks about the position, another talks about the relationship. Both position and relationship are spiritual truth, and they should translate into spiritual experience. The merging of truth and experience is the outcome we need to pursue in our faith, as they are also the source of strength in our hearts. In particular, today’s scripture mentions that it is in this foundation of “reconciliation with God” that we have gained access into this grace in which we now stand. Actually, “reconciliation with God” is something believers like us, who’ve entered God’s grace solely by faith, have to meditate deeply on, confirm and enjoy. We cannot understand “reconciliation with God” from the bible literally, for it will then remain as a theory. We also cannot use our feelings to feel the great grace of God without foundation, or it will fall into a “feeling-based faith” that cannot stand the test. When we’ve come to know objectively that the Cross of Christ has abolished the enmity between God and us, we also need to experience and enjoy the power of this reconciliation in our hearts. Try asking: Do we stand in God’s grace only by believing in Christ’s redemption (or do we add feelings or additional conditions)? How great is the grace of Christ that has come upon us? How is this grace moving in our hearts today? Also, in the face of trials and sufferings, can we experience the additional and double-fold support from this grace? Finally, what will this grace eventually shape our hearts into? Does it turn us into a self-centered triumphalist person, or it makes us a God-centered godly person? Does Lord’s grace always call us to hope for the victory and glory of this life, or the eternal glory that far outweighs them all? Here, we need to know the truth, nature, power, experience and outcome of “reconciliation with God”, and extend the experience of our faith through here. Actually, having reconciled with God is not an “introductory” belief, it is a belief that enables one to “enjoy this new relationship to one heart’s content”, so much so that it causes the person standing in the grace of Christ to hope for more beautiful things in Christ. This is like a father who’s separated from his child who later comes to recognize one another; this is not the end but the beginning of the growth of this father-son relationship. Often, there are two main reasons why many believers cannot look forward and anticipate the more beautiful things: ① It’s our sense of right vs wrong and self-merited mindset that cause us to unknowingly weaken God’s love in our hearts, thus we do not dare to anticipate that God will treat sinners like us, who are still as weak or do not have obvious merits, with such infinite grace (in another word: whether it’s to ourselves or others, we often have the mindset of “you reap what you sow” or “earning the prize”, and we’re unable to have complete confidence that God truly treats us graciously with no condition).  For this reason, we will unconsciously rely on self instead of grace in many things, and we will eventually be wearied and burdened; ②When sufferings come, do not look upon and confirm the greater grace in it. Instead, endure the pain with flesh, and the more one endures, the more painful it becomes. Some believers eventually take things in their own hands, entering into helpless failures. Actually, the Lord promised us, “My grace is sufficient of you, for my power is made perfect in weakness <2 Co 12:9>.” In a relationship that has reconciled with God, our greatest enemy is ignorance and the heart of not relying on Him. This is like an accuser or deceiver standing beside us, always pointing at our weakness as the argument that “God will not bless me”, misleading us into thinking that in sufferings we can only rely on self, leading us into powerless state. Under such acussed and deceived situation, the most apparent thing a believer will lose is the joy from the grace. Therefore, we need to discern the lies of the enemy, know and enjoy the blessings that have already given to us.



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