Born Ordinary, Called to be Extraordinary

Having Understood God’s Will, Became the Prisoner of Christ Jesus

Whenever God’s earnest will is about to fulfill (whether it is in a family, region or era), He will do it through some people who saw that will, recognized the importance of that will, then walk in a path of submission with regard to that will. In today’s scriptures, Paul said, “I, Paul, the prisoner of Christ Jesus, pray for the sake of you Gentiles”. This is not simply lip service, nor was it said out of human passion, but because Paul saw the truth (the will that God will surely fulfill), his heart could not run away from the calling of that will, thus he committed his life and made that testament. He is not only willing to suffer for God’s will, but also able to see the glory of that suffering. In fulfilling the will of God, his heart has the strength to overcome that suffering, and he experienced the help of the Holy Spirit in the midst of prayers. He did not see sufferings as shameful, but as glorious. Therefore, He is glorious in the eyes of the Lord, and he received the greatest grace from God.


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