Born Ordinary, Called to be Extraordinary

Grace Magnifies so that We May Walk in the Newness of Life.

When the bible says, “The law was brought in so that the trespass might increase. But where sin increased, grace increased all the more”. Today, many believers do not attempt to know their spiritual construct through this scripture and use it to receive the real answer to overcome sin. Try thinking, can sinners completely prevent themselves from committing sins? Can people with transgressions escape condemnation? Actually, the accusations of the enemy Satan and the power of flesh (causing us to yield to it and love the world) are very real. But said:  God giveth more grace (to the humble). The bible says a humble man is one who knows and able to accept the grace, not one who hides from God and protects self out of accusations. Today, how many believers can be unrestrained by their own conditions, situations and temperaments, and enjoy this grace from God continually? Actually, we have far too much ignorance (not knowing the grace) and doubts (afraid that grace will lose its effect). Ignorance and doubts is the greatest enemy that hinders us from enjoying the grace of God. For the redemption executed by God in His sovereignty will never turn invalid, so how much can we enjoy this grace of redemption will depend on how deep we’ve known, confirmed and experienced His grace. When God had done the most awesome thing, we cannot accept it with our narrow-minded heart. The greatest mistake in one who’s been saved is to know God’s grace through his own temperament. For example: because we’re fickle-minded we start to see God this way too; because we have threshold in our tolerance, we come to think God’s grace has a threshold too; when we cannot accept our own ugliness, we too feel that we’ve exhausted the compassion of God; because of our fear of disappointment, we cannot put our hope on God’s promise; because we cannot love certain people, we also think that God will not change certain people etc. Actually, this is how our “self-centered heart” causes trouble in us. Man fell short of the glory of God, and we inherently have the fallen nature of “self-exaltation and yielding to our self-centeredness”. But after God had revealed His abounding grace, how can we allow the nature of our old-self to restrict His grace? Is God truly this good? We can only say, “God is far beyond the good we’ve imagined! Therefore, not only should we use our lifetime to know the good of God, we need to know the infinite goodness of God all the more when we fall into weakness, powerlessness and failures. In particular, when God’s grace comes in the form of loving discipline with the intent to deal with the old selves inside us and remove our residual sin, the broken and contrite heart is the where the grace of God intervenes. Hence, we should never allow ourselves to remain in distress, or doubt His grace when we’re disciplined, instead, we should believe God is merciful, and accept what He is shaping us into in His grace. His sanctification and moulding are beyond what we can imagine or what our flesh can be conscious of. God wants us to share in His holiness, therefore <5:21> says, “ Grace reigns through righteousness”. It enables all of us who’ve been justified to participate in His righteousness. In view of this, people who’ve received God’s righteousness in His grace will never belittle the grace. They can accept grace boldly and enjoy the freedom in grace, but they will never tolerate evil because of grace. This is because there’s righteousness in the disposition of grace; while grace does not demand for righteousness, it loves righteousness. Therefore, one who receives grace will have freedom but hate sin simultaneously; he can accept God’s mercy and rebuke at the same time; he has the spirit of greatly loved, and is able to love others at the same time. Therefore, he will not become a non-legalist or self-glorifying person. Therefore the Lord said in , “her many sins have been forgiven—as her great love has shown. But whoever has been forgiven little loves little.”


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