Born Ordinary, Called to be Extraordinary

God’s Sovereign Righteousness and Love

There are a few areas in which man keep unknowingly opposing God. The first is we cannot accept His right of election, then even if we seem to be able to accept this, our hearts still carry the thought that “God is unfair”, otherwise we will feel that since God has elected, then man will not have any responsibility. Think about it, from us humans rejecting God’s sovereignty to us declaring that we have no responsibility, isn’t this opposing God? Of course, we created humans bear God’s image, and we are living souls, who can communicate with God. Thus, God allows us to use our rationality, spirituality and sensibility to communicate with Him. When necessary, our thinking should also enter into a state of reasoning with God’s word (just as Paul was full of anguish due to the hardness of his own people, and he held onto God’s promises and faithfulness to intercede for them), but we must ultimately be convinced by God’s sovereign righteousness and love. If we keep holding onto our limited idea about “God’s fairness”, we will eventually doubt His guidance, and worse still, we may develop theologies mixed with humanism. Ponder on this: In the matter of salvation, why can’t we accept the balanced concept that “God has sovereignty, man also has free choice”? Why can’t man say “God reveals His salvation, man also has the free will to choose for himself”? Doesn’t it sound more reasonable this way? No! because if this saying is true, then one, nobody will choose God; two, when man perishes because he does not choose God, he will also blame God saying, “You are almighty, don’t You have the power to make people believe?” In the end, the nature of fallen man both wants own sovereignty, but also wants to attribute their punishment to God’s responsibilty, in other words, it is to give credit to self, but to attribute wrong to God. Therefore, when facing the already fallen and selfish humanity, God does not give him any right to choose, but God designs salvation only according to His own attributes of righteousness and love, then work according to His own will to either convict or let alone, so that those saved will know that this is all due to the mercy of God, and so that those who are let alone by God will also see that their punishment is deserving. Also, if man knows his sin and is humble, he will also acknowledge that he has no right to choose, but only the right to receive. So in summary, God’s sovereignty must ultimately be exalted. Think about it, why should God care so much about His sovereignty? Can I simply accept salvation but not inquire too much into God’s sovereignty? No! Because every theory in this universe has its root. No matter what is the issue we are thinking about, whether it is the existence of mankind, or scientific principles, or interpersonal relationships, or anything that happens, etc, if we pursue to the end, we will realise that we have to touch on the issue of origin. If it is something good, who causes it? If it is something bad, who allows it? Created souls will naturally question these, and when they get to the bottom of it, they will be led to the origin of everything, which is determined under the sovereignty of the all loving and good God. If we only accept salvation, but not the sovereignty of God, then in our faith journey, we will doubt God when we encounter things which are against our wishes. Thus, God does not wish that we only accept salvation, but not sovereignty. Salvation itself is the manifestation of God’s sovereign redemption. Hence, if we accept salvation, then we must also accept God’s sovereign guidance after we believed the Lord, and “accept” itself is not merely a concept of concurrence, but it is to practically test, approve, seek the Lord’s good, pleasing and perfect will, then walk within it, and reap the benefits from it.



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