Born Ordinary, Called to be Extraordinary

God Reserves Remnants in Each Era.

In the matter of bringing good news (the gospel), we certainly cannot neglect the big concept of “remnants”, because it is God who first kept a remnant for us in His grace and mercy. The truth is, if the gospel is indeed the good news which saves human souls and changes human destiny, surely there’ll be people who eagerly accept this gospel and sell all they have in order to receive the blessings in it. They are the people who truly live out the spirit of gospel, and spread the seeds of gospel. Indeed, it is through remnants that God saves, heals and commissions all people. During Elijah’s era (when the wicked Ahab and Jezebel were in power), there were 7000 people who had not bowed their knees to Baal; during Isaiah’s era (when the majority of Israelites were rebellious and evil), God said He will cut down the terebinth and oak (symbolize Israel), leaving the stump (remnant) so as to further God’s work through them; when Judah was taken captive by Babylon, through remnants like Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Ezra, Nehemiah, God continued to extend His work and brought about the restoration of Israel. Today, many believers feel the word “remnant” is too exclusive, hence they rarely mention this term so that the mass may feel inclusive. But the beginning to the end of the Bible is consistently telling us how depraved, corrupted, lukewarm human beings are, each turning to our own way. Even if there are a group of holy saints, weed­like characters will appear down the line after merely a few decades, influencing all people like yeast. If there’s no preservation and raising up of remnants to be the voice of the era, the people of that era will gradually walk towards decline and extinction. Hence, we cannot continue to remain in comfort zone blindly, this is a type of self­deception. Although we cannot say, “if a person is not a remnant, he will not be saved”, we cannot deny that the spreading of the gospel message is brought by the remnants. In every era, there will be righteous people (e.g. Abraham) who can influence and intercede for that era; there will also be righteous people (e.g. Lot) who are consumed by the depraved and worldly culture of that era. The former has left blessed people generation after generation; the latter could be saved but he may experience “spiritual extinction” thereafter. Today, many in churches do not have assurance of their salvation; their lives do not have fixed perspective, thus they are always blown and tossed by the wind, being manipulated by the culture and trend of the era. Indeed, we need to spread “confrontational message” all over again so as to raise up the remnants of this era. Basically, remnant is not special people, neither are they with special gifts; they are people who, upon hearing the gospel message, are greatly attracted by the pure gospel in their hearts. They are not fervent people but people who truly believe in the gospel; they do not want to do any great things for God, they just want to follow the Lord with an upright and pure heart, and complete the gospel mission entrusted by the Lord, hence they will voluntarily rise up and be the witness of this era. They emit God’s voice in this era so that people of that era could hear, turn to Lord and follow Him. In essence, the retaining of remnants era after era is the work fulfilled by God proactively (grace); this is the work of God’s faithfulness, not something achievable through man’s proactivity or fervor. However, today those who hear the calling of gospel (especially as this end times is marching to its end), it is even more pressing for these few to rise up in comparison. Therefore, let’s do not be disheartened by the hardening of the majority but all the more be pressing in evangelizing and raising up the remnants.


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