Born Ordinary, Called to be Extraordinary

God Bound Everyone Over To Disobedience So That He May Have Mercy On Them All

Mercy is God’s attribute. Behind this there is no human-related factor or any deserving condition, but it all comes from God’s sovereign grace. But often, on those who are hardened and unbelieving, we cannot see the evidence of them receiving mercy. To us who already believed, we often forget God’s mercy, thus falling into an attitude of self-conceit. Hence, when God’s redemptive work fulfills in the entire history (the connections between the blessedness of the Jews and Gentiles), God constantly reveals to everyone His mercy in this process. When God brought His redemption from the hardened Jews to the Gentiles, then through the blessedness of the Gentiles brings the blessings back to the Jews, then let the full inclusion of the Jews bless the whole world, this itself tells us that it comes from God’s grace, no one can predict and no one should belittle it. Today, we may not be able to develop mercy for our hardened family members, relatives, friends, people groups, and we also cannot see any traces of their blessedness, but we have to turn our eyes to the merciful God, then we can have faith to ask of God. When God exercises His mercy, the person who was just hardened a while ago can be humbled down; the faithless can receive faith, this is not something we are unaware. Thus, God wants us to bring such a heart and attitude to always intercede for all people. In addition, we who received grace should always put on Christ, and become the outlet of His mercy. It is one thing to be more gracious to others, but it is another thing to have real mercy for ignorant sinners. When today’s verses say that God’s redemptive temperament is to use the mercy given to the Gentiles to bring mercy also to the Jews, behind this carries God’s heart of mercy. When a Christian deeply knows the Lord at the spiritual level, he should not merely be a “good man or charitable figure” in the eyes of society, but he should practically know the bondages of human life, such that he is willing to have mercy on the sufferings of the human soul. The truth is, because sin binds the human soul, it is more miserable for a person not to have salvation than if he lacks money; it is more agonizing for a person to be without a Master than to be without intelligence. Thus, the inner hearts of we who received God’s mercy should not be resting in silence, and all the more should not be complacent, but we should cry out to the Lord day and night to complete His redemptive work . Hence, we read not to become a classic theologian, but to be the watchmen of this era (who can recognize the progress of God’s work in this era), and also be evangelists of the gospel in season and out of season. We do not evangelise by our own courage or treat evangelism like a task, but after we clearly know God’s revelation, we must be pressed by the Holy Spirit to evangelise. In saving all peoples (Jews and Gentiles), God reveals His attributes and heart. Today, who can receive His temperament and heart of having mercy on people? When we have come to this point in history, the second connection is already taking place (that is: the gospel is gradually returning to Jerusalem through the Gentiles), how is the progress of our evangelism and missions? When we pray for our families, we should also likewise be concerned about world missions ministries.


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