Born Ordinary, Called to be Extraordinary

Glory of God, Doxology of Men

The correct theology will naturally bring about godly praise. When we read <Romans 1-11>, and understood God’s infinite grace, profound salvation, our understanding of God should become songs of jubilation in our hearts. Often, we see two gaps in a believer’s faith journey. First, they lack the praise that result from knowing God. Though such praise may come from a momentary emotional reaction (especially after witnessing improvement in situation, or experiencing supernatural deliverance), it would come to a stage when the praise will end, if we do not continue to know the nature and works of this God. Why is that so? As our soul itself contains the heart and mind, thinking and feeling, rationality and emotions; if our understanding of God stagnates, our amazement towards Him will also stop. Therefore, God is infinite, so believers like us can praise God day and night for eternity in the future. This is because God is One we cannot fully comprehend in our eternity. Since our understanding of Him will have no boundaries, our praise will not grow stale or become ritualistic. However, this is what happens when we are still living in our flesh. This is because the experience of our flesh is limited. If we do not constantly stimulate our souls and know Him, our praise, reliance and experience will be limited. The second gap in our faith journey is when we come to an understanding of God that does not enable us to praise Him. Is this then knowing God? Of course not! This is just an academic interest in God. This is akin to someone taking an interest in the study of bible, the same way he would be interested to study subjects like literature, philosophy, history, or the sciences. Actually, God and the knowledge He has created are fundamentally different. God is a living personality and is sovereign over all things in the universe. He is not a subject that can be fully grasped through man’s rational deduction, logical analysis or empirical scientific investigation. Just like when we want to know a person, we cannot simply use science and psychology to analyse him and know him. In other words, if I want to know my wife, my wife and I need to love each other in a real relationship. The level of my understanding of her surpasses any scientist, psychologists or even her parents. Similarly, only when we have established a relationship with God in Christ, experience Him and connect with Him during our worship and praise, can we have a deeper understanding of this God in our spirit. We can say that if our praise of God does not intensify, there will not be deepening understanding of Him. Therefore, knowing God and knowing His creation are different. The God we know is “the infinite one” and also a “living personality”, He is not a static object, or an existing force in the universe. He is a God who exists, predestines, creates all things and dwells within man. One must worship Him in spirit and in truth, before they can continue to know Him, experience Him and praise Him.


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