Born Ordinary, Called to be Extraordinary

Fulfil Greater Mission Work Through Assistance by Blessed People.

Actually, there is a spiritual principle behind evangelism and mission work. Of course, we know that no one can close the doors that God wants to open; but we must also understand that when forces of darkness oppose the work of evangelism, God will definitely destroy such dark forces through the prayers of saints. It is only then that we can witness new doors of evangelism, connect with new bodies, and save new zones. Sometimes, we can only hear cries for the gospel based on the spiritual needs of the masses. Sometimes, we can only eliminate problems through the assistance of the masses, and bring the gospel to new territories. And sometimes, through the interaction with the masses, we can converge all the powers to spread the gospel to the ends of the world. Why does God want to work this way? This is because He wants the saints to collectively receive crowns. In this respect, God does not want believers to think that evangelism and mission work is associated with only certain anointed missionaries who are always fronting the battle. All the more, God is unwilling to allow local churches to enter into a state of self-contentment and disregard for missions. God wants believers to know the difficulties of evangelism and mission work, the dangers of starting up mission fields, the challenges of setting up churches, and thereby trigger the saints to contribute even more towards the extensive spreading of the gospel. Today, we see Paul telling the Roman church that he wanted to go to Spain to start mission work, and was willing to receive the assistance of the church. Thereafter, Paul mentioned that before arriving in Rome, he had to complete some matters relating to contributions to the poor and this matter involved the Greek and Jerusalem churches. We may ask why at that time, Paul shared the thoughts in his heart and what he wanted to do then in such details? The reason was to allow the Roman believers to know that the Lord had already planted these thoughts in his heart through the many years where he worked hard for the gospel. Therefore, his meeting, connection and even co-working in Rome did not come from others or him. Rather, it came from the Lord who fulfills all things. Sometimes, when we lack the spiritual sensitivity in matters relating to evangelism and mission work, we very easily focus on things related to people or church’s strategies, and think that evangelism and mission work are things being driven by some missionaries, gospel organizations or churches. But actually this is not the case. When God prepares a person or a church to enter the path of world evangelism, God is very seriously leading and guiding at the front. God puts the vision and message in the hearts of His servants, and allows churches to hear about news relating to mission work, so that the saints continue to witness and participate in cross boundaries gospel ministry, and become a group of people who continue to be challenged by the gospel. As such, the church should value those regions or churches that God connected through prayers. We personally should also value those believers whom we meet from other regions or countries. There is potential network for evangelism in them.


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