Born Ordinary, Called to be Extraordinary

Every Spiritual Blessing Has Been Given Us In Christ

When a person chosen by God believes in Christ, he has to first know how infinite the blessings he receives in Christ are. In fact, he has not believed in a religion, nor did he get his salvation through his own faith, it is also not that he has to strive hard from now on to do his part as a Christian. But he has to clearly know: Everything is the work of God! It is God who completely loved him before creation of the world, thus through the sacrifice of Christ, He redeemed him, and after that made him believe through the conviction of the Holy Spirit. In this, he received the hope of eternal life, abundant inheritance, and power above everything on earth. But this infinitely great mystery can only be enjoyed today by a person who truly knows (believes)! When we study the book of Ephesus (especially the first chapter), we will discover that the recorded are very spiritual messages, which cannot be comprehended with human logic and nature. This is just like an ant has to understand the affairs in human world and how these things affect its survival. Thus, what man cannot understand in his human nature requires God’s revelation and the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment. If only use human nature to comprehend the Bible, for example: want eternal life for fear of death, seek God’s help because one wants health, seek God’s blessings because of no job, etc, people can understand even without being born again. Although these are also God’s channels to reveal to man, such inclinations towards human nature cannot comprehend God’s infinite work and the spiritual blessings in Christ. Here, I clarify that the Bible does not object to healing the sick, praying for the unemployed, praying and helping those families with problems, but we have to go through Christ and enter the spiritual level to know the true blessings (spiritual blessings). If we do not know this real blessing, we will naturally compromise with the world’s culture, and let the earthly blessings blur the original nature and value of the gospel, such that once earthly blessings are not seen, we cannot understand and pursue blessings of heaven. However, the Bible also never denies the importance of earthly living. Actually, God gives us every spiritual blessing, so that we can follow and submit to Him in our earthly living, and that His glory can be manifested in this world.


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