Born Ordinary, Called to be Extraordinary

By the Spirit, Put to Death the Misdeeds of the Body.

Believers have 3 misunderstandings towards sin. First, they see sins as some forms of external evil doings, or acts that are incompatible with moralities; in fact, sin is spiritual, and it seeds in the souls of men the moment breath enters the life of men (or in another word: evil co-exists with man’s soul). Actually, man is born in sin and no one is exceptional. When a sinful act is done, we must know it comes from the sin in men, and sin is the master whom everyone is born with. Second, it is extreme pride for a man to deal with sin personally, and thinking that he can deal with sin. If man were to know the source of sin with his wisdom, he will never understand. No one except God knows the origin of sin (although we know the devil is the one who sinned first), and if one is to overcome sin with his self-will, he will fail completely. This is because the flesh is never able to triumph over what is spiritual. Man with flesh is born into the world under the control of sin, and they will end their life under his control. Aside from Christ who has triumphed over sin, no one can be set free from its authority; Third, after being released from sin through Christ, if we are passive towards sin and not putting it to death daily, but only to deal with it when sin occurs on us, then our faith is surely not a faith that relies on the Holy Spirit. In another word, our hearts and minds, every single action, ways of living are constantly under the influence of sin, and we are constantly desired by sin. We need to know sin, and we cannot know it through what we can be conscious of, instead, sin is always before us <Ps 51:3>. Sin is intruding every single thought, mind, desire, emotions and will subtly and aggressively, causing us to be self-centered in our living easily. Not only is such spiritual state unable to glorify God in the living, it also causes us to live in a lot of fear and punishment. Hence, in Christ, God has given us the indwelling of the spirit of God’s son, and through Him who works in our hearts can we rely on Him to put to death the misdeeds of the body. We ought to know there’re 3 main perspectives on the area of “relying on the Holy Spirit: We need to be born again and receive the new disposition, and live by arousing this new disposition through prayers in the spirit. This new disposition lives and does good before God (the heart of God’s child). Therefore, when living by the Spirit, we ought to “think, feel and act through the heart of child of God”, this is the primary secret to live by the truth; In facing the strong forces of sin, don’t think that we can never overcome it because we have failed, for the Holy Spirit given by God can triumph over death, surely He can also triumph over sin. Some believers cannot overcome being desired by sins, thus they keep the despair and disheartening thoughts in their hearts. Actually, such thoughts will continue to weaken our hearts of relying on the Holy Spirit. Ought to know: giving up on our self will and remaining in despair and disheartenment are two different matters. Giving up on self will leads one to increasingly believe in God’s promise solely; despair and disheartenment cause one to keep focusing on self (can or cannot, success or failure) instead. In particular, we need to know: Sometimes, we may not experience the spiritual victory (happens in the spirit) immediately, but when we repeatedly confirm and fight with the truth of we are already victorious, we will eventually see it happening; The power of Holy Spirit does not only give us good feeling or not feeling tempted, the power of Holy Spirit will continue to sustain us till we live out the good and continue to be made complete through our good deeds (submitting to God). Therefore, in “relying on the Holy Spirit”, we cannot only desire for comfort in the heart, we need to put to death the misdeeds of the body practically (give up or prevent speeches, expression, eyes, attitudes etc from flesh), and live out the good deeds that the disposition of God’s child delights in and pursues. Today, many believers experience the Holy Spirit (or: experience Holy Spirit according to what they know or how they like it to be) partially, leaving the devil footholds as they battle against sin.  In fact, God is always searching for believers who truly depend on the Holy Spirit in doing good, and He will manifest Christ through their every move.  


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