Born Ordinary, Called to be Extraordinary

But the One Who Stands Firm till the End will be Saved

In the healing process of life, we have an inevitable homework of “persevering to the end”. In the face of enemy’s attacks, challenges imposed by man, situations and trials, we have to persevere to the end in order to confirm the effects of healing that have already come upon us. Actually, “perseverance” is an easy term, it is not only advocated in Christianity but among the gentiles too. However, the foundation of Christianity is God’s grace that is not from man’s will or kindness. Because of this, we need to first affirm: 1 God’s grace enables me to persevere; 2 the attempt to persevere comes from confirming and relying on Lord’s grace. In fact, the bible gives many messages on perseverance and its importance, but today’s believers who pursue quick pleasure have slowly undermined this virtue of faith, treating it as an old-fashioned thinking and are unwilling to dwell on such truth. Also, there’re many who endure out of their own human will. Such perseverance has no spiritual grace and thus unable to experience the joy in hardships. What they receive is not the development of character through trials but bitterness that grows with their endurance, and sometimes treating it as self-merit. All these come from an incorrect understanding of perseverance. Actually, perseverance is a type of faith, more aptly said, it is the sustaining of faith. In persevering, not only do we sustain the heart of believing in the truth, we also continue to guard the rhythm of faith. For instance, we face varying challenges and trials daily, how then can our hearts hold onto the truth in these different turbulence, listen to the Holy Spirit and follow Lord? This is the training of perseverance. If we are to understand the truth about perseverance holistically, we need to first understand what have been shared earlier – submitting to God’s will, increase in faith, and Satan’s lies. This is because perseverance is an inner strength, and the development of this strength has to be from the truth we know and the heart that discerns the devil’s lies. If not, we will be clueless in perseverance. Also, we should not think that those who are weak emotionally are weak in persevering. Some people in sufferings may show contriteness and discomfort, but they never leave the Lord; there’re some who appear strong on the outside but they become outdated in their journey of faith when sufferings and failures set in. Therefore, perseverance is not based on the external performance, rather, it is whether one can persevere to the end in trials. Finally, remember what Lord said, “But the one who stands firm to the end will be saved”. Does this sentence overturns the perseverance of salvation? No. Not only that, this sentence tells us we who are saved will surely stand firm to the end, and we have to understand this truth of persevering to the end today. Although Holy Spirit will preserve those belonging to Him, we who are saved should all the more understand how to rely on the Holy Spirit to guard our faith so that we can stand firm to the end. Only then can we enjoy the victory of perseverance in the last days before Lord’s coming.


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