Born Ordinary, Called to be Extraordinary

Because the Devil is a Liar and the Father of Lies (Part 2)

Some illnesses (whether it inflicts ourselves or our loved ones) may seem impossible to cure, but we must not think that it is incurable. Because the Bible clearly says that by the Lord’s wounds, we are healed. When Christ was on earth, all those who went to Him were healed. However, often we lose our faith because we do not see signs of healing, thus we cannot administer the right healing according to the illness. For example, for someone who is in bondages because of pornography, although he has repented, he is still easily tempted; for someone who is in bondages because of his temper, although he has received God’s grace, he can still flare up easily; for someone who is not honest and prudent in financial matters, although he has met Jehovah Jireh, he still falls back into his old habits. All the different inclinations of man like pride, self-pity, vanity, hatred, jealousy, comparing, greed, lust, etc are the same. Even though one has accepted the Lord, confessed his sins and repented, he/she still experiences the strong influence of those inclinations and often allows his/her feelings to go along with them. Actually these are “mental illnesses”, causing man to lose control or involuntarily receive insinuations or temptations. The construct of his spirit allows demons an easy access in those areas. Many people at this point will be influenced by the physical phenomenon, and forget the absolute power of the “Blood of Christ”. The Blood of Christ has the following effects: 1 forgiveness of sin; 2 bringing people before God, allowing them to see His presence; 3 enabling man to hear God’s voice and follow Him. In seeking healing, one must not forget this absolute remedy that can go to the root of the illness. If a person does not continue restoring Emmanuel, the root of his illness is not truly removed. We must know that the more difficult it is to cure an illness, the more it implies a deep-rooted influence, and the hidden control of evil spirits in an innermost area. If the truth is not constantly revealed to man, even mature Christians may not realize it. Therefore, at this time, all the more we must rely on the spiritual word of God and the work of the Holy Spirit. If we only seek to resolve the physical problem, that is counterproductive.


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