Born Ordinary, Called to be Extraordinary

Be United in Christ, Giving Glory to God

From the beginning of <Romans 14>, we meditate on a lot of truths concerning unity and loving one another. Perhaps many will think that this is an insightful truth, or the practical truth of getting along with one another. But without Christ, true unity is impossible. This is because (1) the barrier and division between men come from the spirit within, and it occurs once men fell into sin and separated from God. Hence, only through Christ’s born again, and having received a new heart, can this barrier be truly dissolved; (2) Christ’s precious blood has repaid all our debts and cleansed our sin, absorbed our weaknesses. Hence, even though we are inadequate in the homework of loving men, a person whose spirit is always cleansed by Christ’s precious blood will not remain in self-rebuke due to the weak heart to love, instead, he will continue to follow Christ and learn about the love of Christ; (3) Through Christ come the Holy Spirit who not only instructs us of God’s Truth, He also gives us the power to love. Hence, a believer who truly depends on the Holy Spirit to love will not feel disheartened and powerless because of his limitation, instead, he will be full of anticipation because of his reliance on the Lord in his heart, as if he is hoping for the continuous new work of the Lord that enables him to love deeper, more thoroughly, and more selflessly. Actually, without Christ, we may easily see <Ro 14:1-15:13> message as a kind of moral ethics to get along with people, and try to reach it with our own capability. Yet this is not what the Bible means, and not God’s original intention. God’s original intention is to receive glory through Son (Christ). Therefore, in today’s Scripture, the focus of loving brothers and accepting the weak is now turned to Christ. He is the mediator between God and us <Heb 9:15>, and reconciles them both (Gentiles and Jews) in one body to God through the cross, by it having put to death the enmity <Ep 2:16>. Actually, there is a very deep barrier between the Jews and Gentiles. To the Jews who possessed the revelation of God’s law, and the Gentiles who always act as they please, there are barriers in many aspects such as faith, ethnicity, nature of living habits; but all these can receive reconciliation in Christ. What more is the distance between the strong and weak in a church. Hence, in loving and accepting the weak, God is not only pointing us towards a kind of harmonious living eventually, He will all the more point us towards Christ who is unique, whom we need. It is until men believe and surrender to Him can they accept God’s love, and continue to receive insights and power to love the weak and powerless. With this, God can receive glory.


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