Born Ordinary, Called to be Extraordinary

Arise and Shine, Let the Living Spring Flow Out

Every moment believers have on earth has eternal meaning. When a believer knows the perfect will God plans for his dignified life and step by step submits to it, his heart and mind will be guarded, his times will be protected, and he will have assurance in all he thinks, says and does. Such a person will have a strong and courageous spirit with authority. Actually, God speaks to every person, but not everyone can understand or listen completely. But those who truly understand (believe) in their spirits will immediately draw up a blueprint for their lives. He will have a blueprint for his family (marriage and children), career, serving and life journey. Subsequently, he will be guided by this blueprint. Remember: A blessed Christian life is absolutely not about us setting our own plans and be zealous for the Lord. But it is about the blueprint that God gave us being surfaced in our spirits because we believed (understood) God’s word. When we walk according to this blueprint, the clearer and more concrete our steps will be, we will see more answers, get more joyful, become more powerful to overcome temptations and tribulations, and be more anointed to serve the Lord. Blueprint is not merely lip service or daydream. The moment a person receives blueprint from God’s word, he will realize that his past to present is to fulfill the great things of the gospel in future, to save and heal many of God’s people with the same encounters/problems. Therefore, not only will he be healed quickly from his past problems, hurts, shame, but he can also swiftly use these experiences as testimonies to bless others. The more he does this, the more he will discover that himself and all his conditions are the most dignified and exclusive. Therefore, in 2010, [the Year of Out Flowing Living Spirit], or we can also say it is [the Year of Becoming Lead Character], we should all see that we are all exclusive lead characters sending out the living spring of gospel in the arenas and fields that Christ the Lord prepares for us.


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