Born Ordinary, Called to be Extraordinary

Sermons on Sunday Service

Sunday Messages are the main driver behind a nourished spiritual life and victorious daily living. It provides the core direction for believers, upon which God’s tailor-made perfect will could be discovered individually in relative situations. Believers who hold on to the Sunday Message will see how God uses it to display His living Presence and Power in their daily fields, which otherwise will often find themselves fighting a losing spiritual battle (in their individual lives, family, workplace, school, etc) against the forces of darkness throughout the week.

Messages are preached in Hokkien and Mandarin with English translation.

Brethren Whose Faith is Weak, and Disputable Matters《Ro 14:1-9,13,17;15:1,3,5-6》

When we reach this section of Romans, we have also come to see realistic problems faced in churches – differing opinions in living out the truth. Actually, interpersonal relationship is the most complicated issue in church, especially when brethren have differing views on “putting the truth into actions”. If we fail to grasp how to […]