Born Ordinary, Called to be Extraordinary

Sermons by Pastor Sarah (Page 7)

The Year of Crossing Individual Boundaries 4: The Urgency of a Preacher and an Evangelist.

Translator: Charlene Click “Save PDF” to download chinese and english notes. In Rome, Paul preached the gospel to many when he was under house arrest, and wrote many prison epistles which pass on and become today’s revelation. In chains, he demonstrated the testimonies that were most peaceful, joyous and full of authority. Believers today rarely […]

The Year of Crossing Individual Boundaries 2: Stay, Until You have been Clothed with Power from on High

If we take God’s word seriously, we will certainly ask ourselves uprightly how much of God’s voice do we hear? Today, many believers go to church ritualistically, but their practical living still flow with the worldly perspective and ideas. To put it more aptly, their living is unrelated to the power of Holy Spirit. On […]

The Secrets Hidden in the Depths of Men’s Souls are Revealed by the Gospel.

The mistake easily committed by our depraved nature is that we focus on the outward action more than the inward practicalization of our faith. This is the spiritual state we can confirm in all people and ourselves. In particular, when the external conditions of men are better (eg good background, high status, knowledgeable, many good […]