Born Ordinary, Called to be Extraordinary


Receive the Assurance of Peace and Joy In the Midst of Various Relative Things in Life

After ancestor Adam sinned, humans are born to be easily anxious. When circumstances and conditions are constrained and cannot meet certain ideals, anxiety will show in a person’s heart. This natural inclination to worry will not go away with an improvement in the environment. On the contrary, when a person is living in physical comfort, […]

Behold the Glorious Eternal Hope admist the Intricate way of Faith

Believers encounter a lot of sufferings on earth, but the most blessed sufferings are the pain experienced while walking the path of faith. Perhaps, to many people, being imprisoned, ill-stricken, broken marriages, loss of loved ones, poverty, are bitterness one can feel directly, because all these will directly stimulate our flesh and emotions; but to […]