Born Ordinary, Called to be Extraordinary

RUN is a Remnant Ministry by a group of radical remnants who are conscious of the pressing time schedule for the last era. We share a burden in sharing the practical, relevant and absolute gospel truths that we have received to bless all nations and all people.

Since the year 2012, Remnant Conference has been held annually where remnants from different parts of the world are invited to participate in. Thus far, remnants from Malaysia, Singapore, China and the United States of America have attended the conference.

We hope that you are blessed by our posts and may you be convicted to share the posts so that others around you will be blessed as well!

Jesus is the Root of Happines

‘To possess and to reign is happiness’, is still what a typical mind believes. Yet primarily, to believe and to obey is the root of happiness. The Full Gospel leads us right into full spiritual satisfaction in desiring the Person of Jesus, and it definitely keeps growing toward that perfection. It is a pure and […]