Born Ordinary, Called to be Extraordinary

RUN is a Remnant Ministry by a group of radical remnants who are conscious of the pressing time schedule for the last era. We share a burden in sharing the practical, relevant and absolute gospel truths that we have received to bless all nations and all people.

Since the year 2012, Remnant Conference has been held annually where remnants from different parts of the world are invited to participate in. Thus far, remnants from Malaysia, Singapore, China and the United States of America have attended the conference.

We hope that you are blessed by our posts and may you be convicted to share the posts so that others around you will be blessed as well!

The Reality of Persecutions and Hardships

During time of persecutions, God constantly draws us to Him so that we will rely totally upon His grace. We learn that, by following Christ, we endure persecutions which are seemingly discouraging. Only when we truly rely on Him, seek upon Him and yield our heart to Him, then we will be strengthened in Him. […]

Living With Compelling Conviction

We believe in Trinity of God: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. However, a lot of Christians do not know or do not want to be compelled by the Spirit. As a result, in whatever sermon or messages we receive from church do not necessary drive us to be Christ-like, and more often, […]

Confirm The Signs As You Evangelize

We are saved because we believe, it is not because how good the preaching of an evangelist is but the word of God which brings the truth into our life. We will be delivered from our problems as the result of the Gospel we have believed but will be condemned if else.

Individual Gospelization

Receiving Grace is the primary importance for Individual Gospelization. Do not intent to change others with the human will when even the Word of God has not been imparted in you. Of paramount importance, let the Covenant sink into the new-self that is in you, and let it dissolve in your hearts to which you […]

Perfect “Imperfect” Conditions

Many Christians shun sufferings. We often think that “If I am successful/smart/wealthy/beautiful” and the list goes on, or “If only I have better conditions instead of my lousy conditions right now”. The truth is, nothing transcends the strength of God more than the strength that comes through the cross that He wants us to carry […]


We often hope for God’s grace to be upon us so that the paralysed can be healed and sufferings to end. But, true grace starts from having nothing to begin with. By His grace, He allows trials and sufferings into His children so that from nothing, perseverance, character and hope are produced – from nothing […]