Born Ordinary, Called to be Extraordinary

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Perfect “Imperfect” Conditions

Many Christians shun sufferings. We often think that “If I am successful/smart/wealthy/beautiful” and the list goes on, or “If only I have better conditions instead of my lousy conditions right now”. The truth is, nothing transcends the strength of God more than the strength that comes through the cross that He wants us to carry […]


We often hope for God’s grace to be upon us so that the paralysed can be healed and sufferings to end. But, true grace starts from having nothing to begin with. By His grace, He allows trials and sufferings into His children so that from nothing, perseverance, character and hope are produced – from nothing […]

Jesus is the Root of Happines

‘To possess and to reign is happiness’, is still what a typical mind believes. Yet primarily, to believe and to obey is the root of happiness. The Full Gospel leads us right into full spiritual satisfaction in desiring the Person of Jesus, and it definitely keeps growing toward that perfection. It is a pure and […]