Born Ordinary, Called to be Extraordinary

From a Small Discipleship Training Home to a…

The early beginnings and history of Christ Life Church Penang started in 2007 as a discipleship training class in the gracious home of Brother Jim Lee and Sister Sarah K’ng who was later ordained as a Pastor in 2010. This family is blessed by five lovely children, Kristine, Mirelle, Evangeline, Jeremy, and Jireh. This humble gathering of less than twenty people was led by Pastor Vincent Choo and Elder Wengang along with other co-workers who came from Life Church and Missions, Singapore to bring this Emmanuel Message to this part of the world and also in China, Thailand and United States.

…House Church with the Vision to Raise the Young Remnants of this Era

Through the unceasing grace of God, this small gathering as a discipleship training class soon evolved into a House Church in December 2009 in a new location situated in the beautiful coastal area of Batu Ferringhi, Penang. Under the spiritual covering of Life Church and Missions, Singapore the singular vision will forever remain to raise a new generation of Christians through sharing a Covenanted Message of the gospel of Christ in Acts 1:8. And also in directing believers back to the fullness of the Word and Holy Spirit, while clearly downplaying all mystical, legalistic, humanistic and prosperity teachings.