Born Ordinary, Called to be Extraordinary

Liberation from Sins and Accusations Through Submission by Grace

Sin is an ugly word but accusation is more harmful than sin. Accusation does not only not bring us out from sin but it causes us to dwell in self-pity, turn away from God and eventually sin again. We cannot deal with accusations by solely giving them blind grace nor solely rebuking them and telling them to submit because only having either one will cause to them to continue dwelling in sins and accusations. We need to give them both; to tell them that it is okay, there is grace in Christ Jesus and also to tell them that it is not okay to continue dwelling in sin but they need to turn to God and submit to Him. When they have this paradoxical truth in them, they will be liberated from sins and accusations- not by the good that they do but by the power of the Holy Spirit that comes through submission by grace.


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